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USD 49.95

The VIP is a credential that allows you to teleport signed cards, bills, coins, tickets, pieces of papers or endless objects in a powerful way. You can also predict the thoughts and choices of spectators very clean. And the most impressive: the spectator has it all the time hanging from his neck from the beginning and he sees it empty until the last moment!   

• It includes six covers with different designs so you can choose the one you like the most, with which you can make extra effects with serial numbers, QR code, ACAAN, and much more.  
• The act can be presented as street magic, parlor, stage, close up, mentalism or comedy. 

​• You can even adapt it to corporate magic and customize it with the logo of the company.

​• It fits in your pocket

• Modern design and hugh quality finished.

• Customizable and easy to do.


. Credencial and gimmicks

. Six different designs covers

. Online tutorial video that explains in detail how to adapt it to your needs.


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