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SOUNDBOX is a card case that can make any small object disappear from its interior in a simple and audible way.   
The spectator himself places his ring, earring, signed coin, etc., and holds it in his own hands until the last moment, making it sound when moving the box.   
After the disappearance, the object will appear hooked on a keychain, inside a wallet, in a purse and more! You can combine it with any other type of appearance.
- You can use it as your regular box of cards.
- Comes In Red BICYCLE, Blue BICYCLE and Generic versions if you use another deck.
- No duplicates objets are used and there are no switches.  
- The spectator holds the box and sounds the ring/coin inside until the last moment.
- The disappearance is totally clean.  
- There are no strange movements and all is in front of the view of the spectators.
- It can be done surrounded.
- The spectators takes their ring/coin themselves at the end of the act.  
- It's very easy to do.  
- You do not need any extra element for the disappearance.
- Automatically resets when finished.

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