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USD 39.95

The Notebill is a tool that looks like a normal postit notebook, which allows you to change, invisibly, a bill for another in front of the spectator’s eyes.

This way you can predict and guess the serial number, or you can destroy, recompose and teleport the bill wherever you want.

Also, you can force words, numbers or images from notes, pieces of newspaper, photos and much more!  


It is specially designed of a super resistant plastic with leather finisha and can be refilled the times you need with standard size post-its.

The limit is your imagination.



• The spectator can hold it in his own hands and write the serial number

• It can be done sorrounded

• It is very easy to perform

• It works with any currency bill

• You can present it in close up or for large audiences

• It fits in a pocket and lasts forever

• You can use it in every show and the audience will not know it exists



• Notebill with post it

• Online Instructions


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